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Minutes: February 17, 2010



                  3 p.m., Wednesday, February 17, 2010

                  School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103

PRESENT: Drs. Abuav, Ahn, Barker, Brayton, Carroll, Comfort, Cromwell, Fine, Goldstein, Gottesman, Ishii, McCarthy, Molinaro, Nyhan, Regan, Resar, Shapiro, Stivers, Mss. Margret Ardolino (for Mandell) and Foy

ABSENT: Drs. Armstrong, Bastian, Chou, Chuck, Cooke, Green, Herman, Leahy, Matunis, Meffert, Pavlovich, Reading, Schramm, Tis, Tufaro, Williams, Wolfgang, Wong, Messrs. Bicket and Ruzevick, Mss. Fairman, Matthys and Nguyen .

GUESTS: Dr. Dover, Mss. Heiser, Conway, Garrity, and Hayes.

Dr. Lisa Ishii chaired the meeting due to the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair.

I.  Minutes

The minutes of the December 9, 2009 meeting were approved.  The January meeting was cancelled.

II. Code of Professional Conduct for Faculty- Dr. George Dover, Chairman of Pediatrics and Ms. Shelia Garrity, Director of Research Integrity

                  Dr. Dover, Chair of the Committee to develop a code of professional conduct for faculty, presented a draft document for the Medical School Council’s advice and feedback.  The Johns Hopkins Hospital has had a code of conduct for all staff and physicians since 2006.  Several behaviors are not covered for faculty who function outside the hospital.  The School of Medicine has addressed some behavioral issues in the Teacher/Learner Policy and Research Misconduct policies.  The proposed code of conduct sets forth clear expectations for professional conduct of faculty.  It is intended to augment existing University and School of Medicine policies, rather than supplant any policy.

                  The following key issues are addressed in the proposed code: expected treatment toward members of the Hopkins community, supervisory expectations, sexual/romantic relationships, and the acceptance of gifts.

                  The Code requires faculty members to disclose supervisory roles over family members and make transfer of supervisory authority.  Romantic relationships must be reported to the Department Director or the Vice Dean for Faculty and appropriate transfer of supervisory authority must be made.

                  Gifts in excess of $500 in value, if directly or indirectly related to activity as a faculty member are prohibited.  Gifts above $500 must be directed to departmental accounts.  Department Directors have discretion to develop uniform polices with regards to distribution of such gifts.  Gifts from industry are governed by the Industry Interaction Policy.

                  Dr. Dover responded to several questions regarding gifts to faculty, student/faculty romantic relationships, and the diversity among department directors with regard to distribution of gifts.

                  Dr. Dover emphasized the proposed code is in no way intended to infringe on academic freedom.  Council members were asked to share the proposal with their constituents and provide feedback to Dr. Dover.  The Medical School Council will have an opportunity to review the final document.

                  Dr. Ishii thanked Dr. Dover and members of the legal staff for the presentation.

III. Changes in University Retirement Plan- Charlene Hayes, VP of Human Resources, and Heidi Conway, Sr. Director of Benefits and HR Shared Services

                  Ms. Conway presented a preview of proposed changes to the University retirement plans for faculty and staff.  A Trustee Committee has reshaped the philosophy with regard to retirement benefits.  In the future, defined contribution plans will be the primary retirement benefit offered.  Current support staff  have a defined benefit plan.  Effective July 1, 2010, new support staff employees will be offered defined contribution plans and current staff will make a one-time choice in October between a defined benefit or a defined contribution plan with a January 1, 2011 transition date.  As of January 1, 2011, the University will change the investment lineups and recordkeeping arrangements for its define contribution plans.  The University’s contributions to the defined contribution plan is under discussion and will be decided by the end of February (subsequent to the meeting it was announced that there would be no change in the University’s contribution level).

                  The Trustees began a review of the retirement plans in 2008.  Current efficiencies were evaluated on four factors: equity, risk, cost, and impact to employees.  The Trustees wanted to minimize the volatility of a defined benefits plan on the University’s balance sheet and to be able to comply with new federal defined contribution plan regulations with regard to fund offerings and reasonable and transparent fees.  The new investment lineup is expected to include target retirement date funds, ten core funds across the risk/return spectrum, a mutual fund window, and a TIAA-CREF annuity window.  The new arrangements will permit the University to consolidate plan recordkeepers from the current five vendors down to one or two.  There will be more investment fee transparency which will allow participants to better understand and make decisions based on investment expenses associated with their investment options. 

                  The University currently offers 413 investment options through five vendors with no ability to effectively monitor the funds.  Under the proposed arrangement, there will be 11 target date funds and 10 core funds that will be monitored and the option to select from an array of unmonitored funds including TIAA-CREF.

                  Ms. Conway announced plans for informing the University community of plan changes.  These include town hall meetings, fast facts, email, websites, and departmental meetings.  The outreach will begin in March and continue through the end of the year.

                  Council members emphasized the need for clarity in the forthcoming communications to faculty and staff and inquired about resources that will be available to assist in understanding  the impact of the changes.

                  Ms Conway responded to questions and asked members to contact her office to schedule departmental presentations.

                  Dr. Ishii thanked Ms. Conway and Ms. Hayes for their presentation.

IV. Other Business


                  The Safety Presentation scheduled for today’s meeting has been postponed.

                  Dr. Ishii asked that March agenda items be forwarded to her.  She reported Dr. Redonda Miller and Dr. David Nichols will present in April and Provost Lloyd Minor is schedule for May.

There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

                                                                                                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                              Mary E. Foy


Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


Mar. 24, 2010

Apr. 21, 2010

May 26, 2010

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