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Advisory Committee

 Part-time Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting

Charges and Mission:

  1. Represent Part-time Faculty in the Dean's office.
  2. Foster communications and advocacy between Part-time Faculty, Departments, and the Dean's office.
  3. Enhance Part-time Faculty involvement in Johns Hopkins Medicine's tripartite teaching, research, and patient care mission by:
  • Advocating inter-departmental mentoring and promotion.
  • Promoting Part-time Faculty rewards and recognition commensurate to the contribution level.
  • Promoting high quality teaching in participation with Institute for Excellence in Education.
  • Facilitating academic reviews and feedback based upon Blue Book and Silver Book(if applicable).
Department representatives (proportional to department size), who serve 1-2 years upon the Department Chair's recommendation and the Assistant Dean of Part-time Faculty's and Vice Dean for Faculty's approval. See current members.
Edward D. Miller Research Building (formerly broadway Research Building)
733 North Broadway, Room 125
Baltimore, MD 21205
5:45-7:00 PM
FY15 dates TBA
Adobe Connect Broadcast
Conference Call

1. Open 2. Enter using your JHED ID login and password (go to step 4)
3. Or, enter as a guest (first/last name) and click enter room
4. Click Ok

1. Dial 888-651-5908
2. Code 6033423 (Host 5273706)


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Standing members communicate regularly with their Department Chairs and represent Department needs to the Advisory Board.
  • Administrative and ad-hoc members are representatives from marketing and communications, hospital staff offices, legal, and others (as required).
  • Invited members or guests present or address a specific issue(s) to the board.
  • Support members coordinate meetings and correspond with member