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I spent years searching for a plastic surgeon who understood my complicated inner ear disorders including cochlear implantation. When I met Dr. Lisa Ishii, I knew she was the one to do the job. She spends considerable amount of time listening to your needs and concerns, to the point that you feel “special.” I love my “younger look” and I love the fact that it looks natural. Even my dermatologist was amazed as how “natural” I look! Dr. Ishii is an outstanding facial surgeon and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants facial plastic surgery.

-- C. Cohen

I am so pleased with the wonderful work that Dr. Lisa Ishii has done for me. I came to Dr. Ishii because I wanted to have a younger, fresher look for my daughter’s wedding last year. Dr. Ishii treated me with injections, which literally erased years from my face. Since then, I returned to her to help me with the way my mouth turned down at the corners. It was a problem that bothered me because people often commented about how sad I looked, even when I was happy. Dr. Ishii was excellent! Thanks to her skill, the problem is fixed and I am overjoyed with the results! The corners of my mouth now look perfectly natural, and no one says I look sad anymore. The work she has done has made such a big difference in the way I feel about myself and in many other areas of my life. I want to thank her and her wonderful and caring staff for everything they have done. I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to look younger or to change something about their appearance to go and visit Dr. Ishii in her beautiful facility.

- R. Hardesty

After interviewing several doctors, I found everything I was looking for and more with Dr. Lisa Ishii. In addition to providing superior patient care, she listens – really listens! She explains her expert recommendations so carefully and thoroughly, you feel that she is treating you like she would treat a member of her own family. The office and staff could not be more professional and helpful and are as dedicated as Dr. Ishii.

- M. Klecka

If you are researching for the best doctor for hair restoration, search no further as Dr. Lisa Ishii with is the one. I was referred to Dr. Ishii by a close friend who had Dr. Ishii correct a hair restoration procedure he had done years ago by another doctor. I am in my late 50s and have been losing my hair since early 30s. I thought I had waited too long for a restoration procedure, but after a consultation with Dr. Ishii she assured me that I had plenty of hair in my donor area and explained what my realistic expectations should be. I was provided detailed information on what to do pre-op., and post- op. Dr. Ishii explained what to expect in terms of pain and post op. swelling and she was spot on. The day of the procedure the staff made me feel comfortable and the procedure itself was seamless. Dr. Ishii concentrated on creating a natural hairline and the results are nothing short of amazing. The full results for a procedure like this takes from 6 months to 10 months, so it does not happen overnight. Don’t wait another day and call Dr. Ishii’s office today.

- R. Monkman, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Dr. Kofi Boahene, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. I think that it is at this time of year that you think about all that you are thankful for. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. In the years since the (Septorhinoplasty) surgery I have been breathing easy...I worked as nurse for a year and I am now enrolled full-time at a School of Nursing studying to be a Pediatric NP. I also was able to run a 10 mile race-something I would never have been able to accomplish in the past. The surgery you performed changed my life. I will remember that always as I move on in life and in my career. I hope to pass on my good fortune as I provide care to others.

--  Meghan

I can't say enough good things about the facial reconstruction Dr. Patrick Byrne did for me in 2007. Recently I reviewed my operative records from the 2007 surgery. The report said the tumor and surrounding "cuff" that was removed from my face weighed 12 grams. I had postponed my surgery for many years, fearing disfigurement. Thanks to Dr. Byrne, my face is perfectly restored, as though the tumor never even happened. It was really great to talk to you and I'm more than happy to post a testimonial as well serve as a support person for other patients who are facing similar surgical procedures.

--  Kathleen L, Smithsfield, Virginia

I feel very fortunate that I had the benefit of your (Dr. Lisa Ishii) services after my mohs surgery. Before the time that I arranged to have the reconstructive work done by you, I was very concerned because I had been told that the location of the basal carcinoma on my nose was a serious problem. Your assuring me that this was not true helped me so much. I appreciate your arranging the time of the MOHS surgery and the subsequent surgery performed so well by you.

I feel that I was treated by a doctor who really cared about me, and I think that this is as important as the skill involved. I would recommend you to anyone who needed a very special doctor.

--  Anne Baker, Baltimore, Maryland

I sought Dr. Patrick Byrne’s advice with a profound one-sided facial paralysis. He suggested a temporalis tendon transfer, and the results are indeed nothing short of miraculous, both esthetically and functionally. His skillful work allows me to now resume an active career with significant public exposure. Along the way, both he and his staff couldn’t have been more professional and courteous. I am extremely pleased to have found from this group exactly the help I needed.

--  Peter Pauly, Canada

Dr. Kofi Boahene, I want to personally thank you for the tremendous job you have done. You are a gifted and awesome surgeon. All of my life I suffered with bags under my eyes. As a child they were not as noticeable; however; as I aged they became more pronounced. Not a pretty sight. For many years, I had considered having them surgically removed, but was fearful. I was glancing through an edition of the Urbanite and came across your advertisement. I became excited as I read more...especially regarding your ability to employ a different technique for people of color. After reading more, researching more, I called your office for a consultation.

During the consultation I shared my concerns, upper and lower eyes and nasal reshaping. You explained in detail the procedures and answered my questions. I did not feel rushed, but assured that you wanted me to be educated about the procedure and the outcome. Prior to meeting with you I was anxious about the possibility of having surgery. Your professional and calm demeanor relaxed me and gave me the confidence to proceed. Also, the confidence in you to be my surgeon. One week prior to surgery you met with me again to go over the procedure and to ascertain my concerns. I greatly appreciate you.

The morning of surgery you briefly met with me and discussed the procedures and post surgery recovery. Dr. Boahene, you are the BEST. I did not need to take any pain medication after the surgery, the swelling was minimum and within one week the difference in appearance was remarkable. I feel terrific, no more extra skin on the upper eye lids, no more bags and now a nose that I love. I cannot possibly express my gratitude for you and your staff. You are truly a gifted, talented and remarkable surgeon. Thank you, thank you, thank you and Happy New Year. You have certainly given me a new one. Respectfully submitted.

--  Sharon T

My nose feels good, it looks good and it is functioning well...

--  Matt Yost, Denver, CO

Thank you so much for the wonderful results I got from the facelift you performed for me, Dr. Boahene. You are a skilled surgeon as well as a kind, compassionate doctor. I am recommending you to my family members as well as friend and I would not consider another surgeon if I elected to have more surgery.

--  Marion

I rank Dr. Byrne as more than a good doctor. He’s extraordinary. He was able to do, what so many others in his field could not. I had a severe bout of Bell’s palsy which permanently damaged my facial nerve. The nerve regenerated in all the wrong places creating functional and cosmetic deficits. For over a year I searched for a doctor who could somehow correct or alleviate the distortions caused by the damaged nerve. I consulted with a number of physicians affiliated with New York City’s and Philadelphia’s most prestigious medical centers. None of them could help.

Just when I gave up hope, I came across a journal article on the internet written by Dr. Byrne dealing with his research on facial paralysis. I set up an appointment with him and on the very first visit, he said the most magical words, “I can help!” And he did. Over the last four years, Dr. Byrne has used surgical and nonsurgical methods to correct the residual effects of the Bell’s palsy. Now instead of looking like a stroke victim, no-one would ever guess there were any cosmetic or functional problems with my face.

It would be remiss to talk about Dr. Byrne without praising the wonderful people who support him:--Sophie Sok-Tyong, Practice Coordinator, Lou Ellen Michael, RN, and Sittha Sok, Clinical Coordinator. They embody the Johns Hopkins mission statement: Patients First. Dr. Byrne, Sophie, Lou Ellen and Sittha all hold a very special place in my heart.

-- Barbara Schwartz, East Windsor, NJ

I feel so fortunate that the most talented plastic surgeon in the region (Dr. Boahene) is also an exceptionally kind and gentle person. Thank you for listening so carefully to what I wanted, for taking such good care of me, and for doing exactly what I wanted. This could not have turned out better!

-- Barbara (rhinoplasty and facelift)

I wish to personally thank everyone including Dr. Byrne, Dr. Cote, Sophie, and Nicole for the professional and outstanding care that I received. I am extremely pleased with my results! Dr. Byrne, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. The final result is exactly what I would have hoped for and more. This has made a tremendous impact in my life! Thanks everyone!

-- Rachel Calo

Some individuals are meant to have their professions in life. Dr. Byrne was meant to be a surgeon. His knowledge, expertise and bedside manner are one of a kind. How fortunate I am to have benefited from his artistic surgery.

-- E.K. January 2007

Dr. Boahene, I am writing this letter to acknowledge your wonderful reconstructive operation that you completed on my nose. Everybody thinks my nose looks fantastic. When I look in the mirror, I am able to actually see the nose I had when I was younger.

-- Noelle

Dr. Byrne is the perfect balance of a skilled surgeon and a compassionate human being. My daughter and I appreciated the time he took to explain her procedures and subsequent recovery. We both felt relaxed and confident going into surgery and knowledgeable about what to anticipate with her recovery. The results of Dr. Byrne's work were life changing and we will be forever grateful for his talent and the kindness of his staff.

-- Susan and Victoria Griffith

Dear Dr. Boahene, Given the beautiful work you do and your extraordinary academic credentials, I have to admit that I probably would have chosen you as my surgeon even if you'd been gruff and cold. I feel fortunate that the most talented plastic surgeon in the region is also an exceptionally kind and gentle person. Thanks you for listening so carefully to what I wanted, for taking such good care of me, and for doing what I wanted. This could not have turned out better! Very gratefully.

-- B.K.

In order to correct a vision problem, I needed to have eye surgery. The problem was I was terrified to have this done, as I have sleep apnea. I let a year slip by because of my fear, and finally decided I needed to have this problem behind me. I began looking for surgeon who has a passion for what they do, a dedication to their specialty through research and education, and also has the down to earth type of humanity that would make me feel safe and secure. (I am not the type of person who is romanced with fancy offices and flashy advertisements.) I wasn't sure I would find all my requirements in one person, however, I began my quest anyway. I perused numerous web sites on my quest and made appointments to discuss my procedure and my fears with many surgeons. I did not find a match for me... was another year going to slip by for me? I was determined not to have the procedure done until I felt 100% secure with my decision for the surgeon who would do the procedure. I meant it. That is the type of person I am... I will not settle or take compromise for anything in my life. It was the ease in which our exchange of information between us went, along with the information I gleaned about him by reading his biography and the academic articles he co-authored, that cemented my decision to have Dr. Byrne as my surgeon. What I did not know was I would experience a high quality of service that was provided to me by his office support: Sophan Sok-Tyong. She was always on top of all of the necessary paper work and preparations that were required. I felt that I knew her for years! Fears? what fears? Everything went smoothly and my medical condition is behind me. The bonus? My medical problems are solved, I don't feel like my eyelids feel like five pound weights on each eye and I now have fun with various shades of eyeshadows! I am looking forward to having more procedures done in the future!

-- DD

Dear Dr. Boahene, Given the beautiful work you do and your extraordinary academic credentials, I have to admit that I probably would have chosen you as my surgeon even if you'd been gruff and cold. I feel so fortunate that the most talented plastic surgeon in the region is also an exceptionally kind and gentle person. Thank you for listening so carefully to what I wanted, for taking such good care of me, and fore doing exactly what I wanted. This could not have turned out better! Very gratefully.

--  Barbara

My experience with Dr. Byrne and his staff was amazing. He answered all my questions and concerns honestly and I truly trusted him going into the procedure. I am extremely happy with the results and could not have asked for anyone better to work with.

-- Lauren Goode, 19 yrs old

When I was told I had cancer of the nose, I was sent to see Dr. Ralph Tufano and Dr. Patrick Byrne. I was really upset and thought the worst. After talking to the doctors I felt a real confidence in what they talked about and the pictures that were shown to me if I had to go thru reconstruction, and I did. After two years, radiation and 8 surgeries, the end results were very satisfactory. I am going through one more surgery, but I am on the mend and back to work full time. Dr. Byrne, along with his staff, takes a lot of pride in making you feel great about yourself and did a wonderful job on reconstructing my nose to the point no one can tell.

-- Pat Petricko, Owings, MD

Thanks Dr. Boahene, you made me smile...and I really like smiling. Thanks for everything. Never lose that caring touch.

-- Anita

If I had to describe Dr. Byrne and his staff I would have to say the words professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, sense of humor, honest and very humbling. My experience with the doctor and his staff has been a blessing. I don't believe in coincidence. I know the Lord put me in the right place, at the right time with the right people.

-- Samantha Winpigler, Frederick, MD

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"The results of Dr. Byrne's work were life changing and we will be forever grateful for his talent and the kindness of his staff."

— S.V.G.

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