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MIMS - September 26, 2013

Early Surgery Improves Outcomes in Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis can strike anyone at any time, but advances in understanding when to take surgical action can help improve patient outcomes more quickly, experts say.

“If you ask patients, [the worst thing] is that they can’t smile,” said Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Fellowship Program in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland.

CNN - May 24, 2013

Treating Hair Loss in Men

CNN follows Dr. Lisa Ishii and a patient through the process of treating hair loss through a hair transplant procedure.

CNN African Voices - March 29, 2013

The Doctor Who Rebuilds Faces

CNN’s African Voices highlights Africa's most engaging personalities. Watch the story of Ghanaian facial reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kofi Boahene leads medical teams on missions in various countries.

CBS The Doctors - November 16, 2012

Smiling from Ear to Ear

In a The Doctors exclusive, when skin cancer destroyed Sherrie’s ear, modern medicine helped her grow a new one – on her arm. Watch Dr. Patrick Byrne discuss how he came up with the procedure and the steps he took to perform it.

Baltimore Sun - September 26, 2012

Bel Air woman gets new ear lost to skin cancer - Hopkins surgeon makes ear using tissue from other parts of woman's body

Sherrie Walter will never wear earrings again, but recently started styling her hair in a ponytail the way she used to before she was diagnosed with skin cancer nearly four years ago. It's a big step for Walter, whose life was turned upside down when doctors finally figured out the persistent sore in her ear was actually basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of cancer. By then it had spread so much that the Bel Air mother of two had to have part of her skull and most of her left ear removed. But surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospita, led by Dr. Patrick Byrne, have constructed a new ear for the 42-year-old Macy's manager and, feeling like her old self, Walter is again enjoying ponytails and other simple things in life. The rebuilding is believed to be the most complicated ear reconstruction in North America.

Baltimore Sun - August 16, 2012

Hopkins to begin performing face transplants

Johns Hopkins doctors have received approval from the university’s institutional review board to begin doing face transplant surgeries, becoming the second hospital in Baltimore to offer the complex procedure.

The Johns Hopkins team includes  Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee, director of Hopkin’s Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,  Dr. Chad Gordon, assistant professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery; Dr. Patrick Byrne, associate professor of otolaryngology–head and neck surgery; and Dr. Gerald Brandacher, visiting associate professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Baltimore Sun - November 23, 2011

Health officials alarmed over silicone injections for fuller buttocks

Doctors say treating those with silicone is difficult. The only way to get rid of it is to cut out the tissue and surrounding tissue that has been impacted, according to Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of the Hopkins Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, who was not personally involved in the dancer's treatment. - November 10, 2011

An Unorthodox Approach To Tricky Surgery

Dr. Kofi Boahene, an assistant professor of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins, has tried the technique in a handful of patients. The results from four cases were described in the journal The Laryngoscope last month.

Toronto Sun - October 26, 2011

Scarless way to remove tumors in skull

U.S. researchers have developed a surgery to remove tumours at the base of the skull that would result in no scars by entering through a patient's mouth instead. The scientists at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which includes Dr. Kofi Boahene, said there is a natural hole behind the molars, above the jawbone and beneath the cheekbone. This story also ran in HealthDay, US News and Gizmodo.

Baltimore Sun Magazine - September 25, 2011

Botox 2.0
Dr. Patrick Byrne and his patient are highlighted in this artice about Botox, which was originally intending to treat victims of accidents, however researchers at Hopkins may be in the early stages of developing the next big thing in cosmetic medicine

Baltimore Sun - July 31, 2011

Hopkins team helps children with face-saving surgery
Doctor creates nonprofit that brings treatment to patients in Nicaragua. While still attending undergraduate school, Dr. Patrick J. Byrne made a promise: If he had the good fortune to go into medicine and become a doctor, he would do something for the underserved.

Into Thin Hair: Causes and Treatments for Hair Loss

Watch a patient education seminar with facial plastic surgeon, Lisa Ishii, M.D., during which she discusses the causes of hair loss and surgical and non-surgical treatment options for hair restoration for both men and women.

WJZ-TV - April 23, 2011

On Time

Dr. Patrick Byrne speaks to Kai Jackson about helping children with facial deformities, including cleft lip and palate, in the U.S. and developing countries.

MyCity4Her - March 23, 2011

Top 10 Questions and Answers About Injectable Fillers

Read Dr. Lisa Ishii's blog post at MyCity4Her answering frequently asked questions about injectable fillers.

WBAL-TV - March 13, 2011

Docs Help Kids With Cleft Palates Remotely

Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular in the business world, but Dr. Patrick Byrne and his team is using the technology to help children in another country deal with the effects of a cleft palate.

Readers Digest "Best You" - March 1, 2011

Embarrassing Questions: “My hair has gotten so thin that you can see my scalp in certain places. Do hair implants make sense?”

Facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa Ishii, who specializes in hair transplantation, provides information on today's hair implant process.

ScienceDaily - January 18, 2011

Minimally Invasive Technique Appears Helpful to Reanimate Facial Paralysis

In the January/February issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, Dr. Kofi Boahene, and colleagues from Johns Hopkins report about a procedure involving only one small incision and no major modifications to bone, which can be used to transpose a tendon and appears helpful in reanimating the lower face after paralysis. - December 12, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger's Broken Nose: Should Steelers QB Keep Playing?

Is Roethlisberger playing fast and loose with his health by playing again so soon? Could be, said Dr. Patrick Byrne. "We suggest athletes wait a week or two before resuming activities. Obviously he may not have that luxury."

AOL News - October 12, 2010

Woman Featured in Time Reveals Prosthetic Nose

Patrick Byrne , M.D., discusses a case where he and his team rebuilt an Iraq veteran's entire nose from his own body parts.

Baltimore Sun - June 27, 2010

Johns Hopkins Doctors do Brain Surgery via Eyelid

Kofi Boahene, M.D., facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and neurosurgeon Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D., have pioneered a new minimally invasive technique that removes skull base brain tumors through a patient's eyelid. Patient Jeanne Fogas had a brain tumor removed through an incision in her right eyelid that is now nearly undetectable.

Hopkins Medicine - Fall 2009

Kofi Boahene and his son
Kofi Boahene with his son

The Long Way Here

Read about Kofi Boahene, M.D., one of three Johns Hopkins doctors profiled in the fall issue of Hopkins Medicine, who have overcome many tough challenges and defied the odds to practice medicine.

Watch a five-minute video in which Dr. Boahene speaks about his personal journey to Hopkins.

Baltimore Jewish Times - August 28, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow …Hair loss is a painful topic for men and women.

Hair loss is often a painful topic and one that many people don't like to discuss. In dermatologist Rebecca Kazin and hair transplantation specialist Lisa Ishii's experience, women are reluctant to make an appointment specifically for hair loss.

HeadLines 2009

The Johns Hopkins Department of Otolaryngology’s consumer publication, published once per year

Helping on the Homeland Front, with Dr. Kofi Boahene

Providing in Panama, with Dr. Patrick Byrne

Johns Hopkins Health Summer 2009

Hair Loss: More than a Man's Problem

Most people envision balding older men when it comes to hair loss. But hair loss affects almost as many women as men. With Dr. Lisa Ishii.

ReachMD - April 20, 2009

Getting to the Root of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss can be a troubling situation for women. More than 30 percent of women of all ages suffer from some type of hair loss, either due to medication or medical issues. Dr. Lisa Ishii, an assistant professor of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine, talks with host Dr. Lisa Mazzullo about how to evaluate and treat hair loss for women. Listen here

WBAL-TV (NBC) - Sept. 29, 2008

Hair Loss Affects Women, Too!

Dr. Lisa Ishii from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine discuss the root causes of hair loss in women and the latest treatments available. To view the full story click here.

The Washington Times - September 10, 2008

Ethnic Cosmetic Surgeries Rising
by Ann Geracimos

The "plastic" in plastic surgery comes from the Greek for plastikos, meaning to mold or shape - originally often with a flap of skin. Increasingly, however, the shapes and textures of the human body are changed with the use of creatively engineered man-made or petroleum byproducts - especially in cosmetic surgery.

Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science TV – March 1, 2008

Anaplastologists and Otolaryngologists Rebuild Noses with Laser Scanning Technique

Biomedical engineers developed a process to make it easier to create a custom nose shape for patients. It uses laser surface scanning to create more accurate shapes and a plastic prototype model. This allows doctors to construct an accurately shaped nose using skin and cartilage from other parts of the body.

Dr. Patrick Byrne
Dr. Byrne with Michael

Johns Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Winter 2008

Like Something from Nothing

Read about how Dr. Patrick Byrne reconstructed the nose and face of Senior Airman Michael Fletcher whose center of his face was crushed and his nose completely erased while serving his country in Kuwait in 2005.

CTV News - July 18, 2007

New surgery puts a smile back on patients' faces

A new medical procedure is literally giving people suffering from facial paralysis a reason to smile again. Reconstructive surgeons at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore have developed a medical procedure called temporalis tendon transfer therapy that uses the muscle used for chewing to address the physical and emotional impact of facial paralysis. Watch the video to learn more.

Reuters – July 16, 2007

Operation brings smiles back to paralysis patients

A newly developed surgical technique can help some people with facial paralysis regain muscle movement in their face, with some patients able to smile again within a week of surgery, researchers

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