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Online Resources

Promotions Programs

Promotions and Reappointment Process for Early Career Faculty: What You Need to Know-2008
Promotions and Reappointment Process for Mid-Career Faculty :What You Need to Know-2009
Faculty Forum Presentation on Gold and Silver Books-PP (Fall 2006)
Examples of CV's and Chairs' Letters for Promotion(2006)
The Electronic Educator's Portfolio (May 2008)
Trends in Medical Education:The Educator's Portfolio- (March 2008)

Career Development Programs

How to Get Your Career Going as a Clinician Educator (October 2007)
Developing a Career as a Program Builder (November 2007)
Jumpstarting A Laboratory Research Career (December 2007)
Clinical Research Through NIH, Pharmaceutical Funding Power Point Presentation(December 2007)

Balancing Work and Life

Managing Your Time and Your Life:Tips from Hopkins' Own on How to Work Smart and Create Quality of Life (October 2009)

Skills-Building Programs


Obtaining K Awards in Challenging Times: Understanding How to Work with Study Sections ( December 2007)


Advanced Powerpoint (March 2008)
Case Method Teaching (June 2009)
Giving Feedback Online Course (April 2007)
GTS is Coming! Are You Ready? PP (October 2008)
GTS:Formats of Instruction - Video-June 2008
Improving the Quality of Multiple Choice Exams-(June 2008)
Lecturing in the TBL Age: How to Avoid Getting Burned at the Stake (June 2008)
Outpatient Teaching - A Primer and Panel Discussion (May 2007)
Team Based Learning -part 1 (June 2008)
Team Based Learning- part 2 (June 2008)
Team Based Learning- part 3 (June 2008)
Team Based Learning - part 4 (June 2008)
Team Based Learning: Why Do It; How it Works (June 2008)

Orientation, Culture, Climate and Equity Issues

New Faculty Orientation Fall 2009
Beyond Bias and Barriers PP (September 2007)
Sexual Harassment Training Video (October 2006)
Sexual Harassment Online Training


Vision 2020 Report(September 2006)
Committee on Faculty Development and Gender Report(June 2005)

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