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We are delighted that you are participating in a rotation with the Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism Service. Descriptions of your activities and responsibilities follow below.

Our faculty and fellows believe that the best training experience entails sharing patient care responsibility with you. You will find this is a challenging and busy rotation, where we count on your presence at all scheduled activities. 

The following conferences are held on a regular basis from September through May:

1:00 PM Diabetes Conference, JHOC 7 Conf. Room (4th Monday of the month)
4:00 PM Attending Rounds
5:00 PM Pituitary Conference, Carnegie 489 (Last Monday of each month)
8:00 AM Neuroendocrine Clinic, JHOC 7
4:00 PM Attending Rounds
8:00 AM Core Concepts Lecture Series, JHOC 7 Conf. Room
9:00 AM General Endocrinology Clinic, JHOC 7
2:30 PM Bone Conference, Division Library (2nd Wednesday of each Month)
3:30 PM Endocrine Grand Rounds, Marburg 1 Conference Room
5:00 PM Attending Rounds
8:00 AM Core Concepts Lecture Series, JHOC 7 Conf. Room
9:00 AM General Endocrinology Clinic, JHOC 7
4:00 PM Attending Rounds
7:45 AM Thyroid Tumor Center Conference,  Division Library (1st Friday of the Month)
7:30 AM Adrenal Conference, Division Library (3rd Friday of the Month)

8:00 AM Medical Grand Rounds, Hurd Hall
9:00 AM Thyroid Clinic, JHOC 7
1:00 PM Weekly Conference, Division Library 
2:30 PM Didactic Session, Division Library 
4:00 PM Attending Rounds

Topics presented at the conferences vary. Attending these conferences is an integral part of your rotation. They are important to introduce you to state-of-the-art concepts across the entire spectrum of endocrinology and metabolism.

Learning Resources

Standard endocrinology and metabolism textbooks and journals are located in the Divisional Library, 1830 Building, Suite 330. If you need to take these out of the library, please notify the front desk. There are computers in the Fellows Room, but the Fellows always have priority for use of these systems. All of these PCs provide access to the Welch library databases, the World-Wide Web, patient information databases, and Up-to-Date, a CD-Rom database with current reviews on all endocrine topics. The faculty or fellows can help you access these systems.

Division faculty members are willing to share their reprint files and textbooks with you. Asking a faculty member with a special interest in the area resources can save you a great deal of time in identifying the best articles.


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