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Erez Hatna Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Verburg, PH, Tabeau A., Hatna, E. 2013. Assessing spatial uncertainties of land allocation using a scenario approach and sensitivity analysis: A study for land use in Europe. Journal of Environmental Management (in press).
  2. Hatna E, Benenson I. 2012. The Schelling Model of Ethnic Residential Dynamics: Beyond the Integrated - Segregated Dichotomy of Patterns. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 15 (1) 6.
  3. Hatna E, Bakker MM. 2011. Abandonment and expansion of arable land in EuropeEcosystems 14 (5). 720-731.
  4. 2.     Benenson I, Hatna E. 2011. Minority-Majority Relations within the Schelling Model of Residential Dynamics. Geographical Analysis 43. 287-305.
  5. Finkler H, Hatna E, Terkel J. 2011. The influence of neighbourhood socio-demographic factors on densities of free-roaming cat populations in an urban ecosystem in Israel.  Wildlife Research 38 (3). 235-243.
  6. Bakker MM, Hatna E, Mucher S, Kuhlman T. 2011. Changing environmental characteristics of European croplandAgricultural Systems 104 (7). 522-532.
  7. Finkler H, Hatna E, Terkel J. 2011.  The impact of anthropogenic factors on the behavior, reproduction, management, and welfare of urban free-roaming cat populationsAnthrozoos 24 (1).
  8. Benenson I, Hatna E, Or E. 2009. From Schelling to Spatially Explicit Modeling of Urban Ethnic and Economic Residential Dynamics. Sociological Methods and Research 37 (4). 463-497.
  9. Hatna E, Benenson I. 2007. Building a City in vitro: The Experiment and the Simulation Model. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 34.  687-707.
  10. Peled R, Reuveni H, Pliskin J, Benenson I, Hatna E, Tal A. 2006. Defining localities of inadequate treatment for childhood asthma: a GIS approach. International Journal of Health Geographics.
  11. Benenson I, Hatna E, Omer I. 2006. Geo-simulation of urban dynamics. Journal of the Israeli Association of planners 3(1). 121-141
  12. Benenson I, Omer I, Hatna E. 2002. Entity-based modeling of urban residential dynamics: the case of Yaffo, Tel Aviv. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 29: 491 – 512.

Book Chapters

  1. Hatna E, Benenson I. 2011. Geosimulation of the Income-based Urban Residential Patterns.  Advanced Geosimulation Models. Marceau  D and Benenson  I (eds). Bentham Science Publishers, Ltd., Hilversum, The Netherlands.
  2. Tabeau A., Hatna E. and Verburg PH.  2010. Assessing spatial uncertainties of land allocation using the scenario approach and sensitivity analysis. Proceedings to the International EAAE-SYAL Seminar. Spatial Dynamics in Agrifood Systems.
  3. Hatna E, Benenson I. 2007. Study of Urban Developers’ behavior in a Game Environment. The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems. Albeverio S, Andrey D, Goirdano P,  Vancheri  A (eds). Pysica-Verlag. 265-286.
  4. Benenson I, Omer I, Hatna E. 2003. Agent-Based Modeling of Householders Migration Behavior and its Consequences. Agent-Based Computational Demography. Billari, F. C. Prskawetz, A (eds). Physica- Verlag. 97-113.
  5. Omer I, Hatna E, Benenson I. 2000. Modeling Human Residential Behavior. Proceedings to the first Georgian-Israeli Geographical Seminar. 116-137.

Other Publications

  1. Arcaute E, Hatna E ,Ferguson P, Youn H, Johansson A, Batty M. (2013). City boundaries and the universality of scaling laws. arXiv:1301.1674 [physics.soc-ph].
  2. Benenson I, Hatna E. 2009. The Third State of the Schelling Model of Residential Dynamics. arXiv:0910.2414v1 [physics.soc-ph].