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Paul Smaldino, Ph.D

Paul Smaldino

Paul E. Smaldino, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences. He was educated at Wesleyan University (B.A. in Physics) and the New School for Social Research (M.A. in Psychology) before receiving his Ph.D. in Psychobiology from the University of California, Davis. His research interests involve the evolutionary, cultural, and psychological processes through which complex human organizational patterns emerge. His approach consists largely of developing and analyzing mathematical and computational models of dynamic populations, which are informed by research across many disciplines. More specific areas of interest include social and cultural evolution, social identity and group formation, mate choice, institutional mechanisms for cooperation, social and cultural constraints on decision making, cognition, biological pattern formation, agent-based modeling, and the philosophy of science.