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CAM Challenge

Questions and the 2014 CAM Challenge

In 1900, David Hilbert revolutionized mathematics by asking 23 good questions. These shaped mathematics in the 20th Century, and many remain unanswered to this day. In this space of our website we invite questions, offer some of our own, and give an annual challenge.

The 2014 Challenge:  Devise the simplest original 2D agent-based model that exhibits interesting behavior.

  • Please explain concisely the respects in which you regard the model as “simple” and its behavior as “interesting.”
  • Please describe the model in English in sufficient detail that a competent programmer could replicate it.
  • Please provide the complete source code in any programming language or relevant software.
  • The model may be completely abstract, but may also represent any real-world system or process.
  • It may involve any number of agents.
  • People of all ages and levels are welcome. No credentials of any sort are required to enter the competition. Collaborations can enter.
  • Please include no information on the team and no personal information of any sort. Judging will be blind.

The Winner will receive the 2014 CAM Prize and a small cash award.