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DRC Faculty

Center Directors

Fredric Wondisford, MD - Center Director

Alan Shuldiner, MD - Center Co-Director

Core Directors

Cell Biology

Mehboob Hussain, MD - Core Director

Hiromi Sesaki, Ph.D., Core Co-Director

Integrated Physiology

Andrew Wolfe, PhD - Core Director

Timothy Moran, Ph.D., Core Co-Director

Molecular and Translational Genomics

Braxton Mitchell, Ph.D., M.P.H., Core Director

Da-Wei Gong, M.D., Ph.D., Core Co-Director

Kristi Silver, M.D., Core Co-Director

Healthcare and Population Science

Hsin-Chieh (Jessica) Yeh, PhD - Core Director

Transgenic and Embryonic Stem Cell   

Fredric Wondisford, MD - Director

Sally Radovick, MD - Co-Director

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