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Molecular and Translational Genomics

Braxton Mitchell, Ph.D., M.P.H., Core Director
Da-Wei Gong, M.D., Ph.D., Core Co-Director
Kristi Silver, M.D., Core Co-Director

The Molecular and Translational Genomics Core of the JHU-UMD Diabetes Research Center provides services and support to basic science and clinical investigators for studies that will enhance our understanding of the molecular and genetic basis of diabetes and its complications.

Services offered:

1. Molecular Genetics: (e.g., DNA sequence analysis; mutation detection; low, medium, and high throughput single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping; gene expression profiling; real time RT-PCR; RNAseq; ChIPseq; and other general molecular biology and genetics methods, such as DNA/RNA extraction with qualitative and quantitative analysis)

2. Viral Vectors: (e.g., construction and production of adenoviral, lentiviral, retroviral, and adeno-associated viral vectors)

3. Genetic Epidemiology: (e.g., data entry and management; study design and power calculations for genetic studies; SNP selection for genetic studies; statistical analysis for linkage and genetic association studies, including GWAS; bioinformatics support, including analysis of NextGen sequencing data)

4. Clinical and Translational Genetics (e.g., facilitate clinical research, including studies based on genotype-driven recruitment and other genomic-based approaches to understand functional consequences and underlying mechanisms of genetic variation and to develop novel clinical applications; and continued building, and access to banked DNA, serum and plasma for genomic discovery research)

 Please click to access the Genetics Core Service Request Form.         



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