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Cell Biology

Mehboob Hussain, M.D, Core Director
Hiromi Sesaki, Ph.D., Core Co-Director

The Cell Biology Core of the JHU-UMD Diabetes Research Center provides investigators with essential support for a wide range of services related to in vitro (cell lines, tissue) and in vivo models (transgenic mice) pertinent to the study of metabolic behavior of individual tissues which participate in the regulation of metabolism and are involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. The Core offers hands on support as well as training and education of center investigators and their lab personnel.

The objectives of the Cell Biology Core are:
1. To maintain stocks of cultured pancreatic endocrine islet, adipocyte, muscle and hepatocyte cell lines and advice and training in their utility for diabetes research.

2. To provide users with training in preparation of primary islet, muscle, adipose tissue, osteoblasts, and hepatocytes from human subjects and/or experimental models of diabetes.

3. To provide services for analysis of islet function such as hormone secretion.

4. To maintain a repository of transgenic mouse models for metabolic studies related to diabetes mellitus and mitochondrial dynamics.

5. To provide access to and training in histological, immunohistochemical and microscopic methods for analysis of primary cells and cell lines relevant to diabetes research.

6. To provide technical expertise and service related to experimental studies on mitochondrial dynamics, mitochondrial gene and protein expression and cellular and tissue bio-energetic function.        

Services offered:

1. Rodent islet supply

2. Insulinoma, hepatocyte, and pre-adipocyte cell line maintenance and distribution

3. Transgenic mouse line maintenance and distribution

4. Pancreatic islet isolation and culture training

5. Multi-method insulin synthesis and secretion service and training (including perfusion)

6. Immunohistochemical analysis service and training

7. Adipose tissue procurement, culture, banking, and multi-method analysis

8. Consultation and/or mentoring

9. Mitochondiral biology and cellular bioenergetics