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Transgenic and ES Cell Core

Fredric Wondisford, M.D., Core Director
Sally Radovick, M.D., Core Co-Director

The Transgenic and ES Cell Core of the JHU-UMD Diabetes Research Center provides high quality, timely and cost-effective transgenic, knock-out or knock-in mouse services.

The objectives of the Transgenic and ES Cell Core are:

1. To provide advice and guidance in the use of transgenic, knock-out, and knock-in mice for diabetes and diabetes-related research.

2. To generate transgenic mouse strains in collaboration with the JHU central transgenic facility

3. To generate gene knock-out and knock-in mouse strains

4. To provide cryopreservation and storage capabilities for members

Services offered:

1. Transgenic Mouse Generation

2. ES Cell Project

3. Advice

4. Embryo Freezing