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About The Diabetes Research Center

The JHU-UMD Diabetes Research Center (DRC) fosters an environment suitable to maintaining and developing multidisciplinary biomedical research, training and information transfer activities related to diabetes and related endocrine disorders at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. 

Overarching Goals of the JHU-UMD DRC

1) To foster collaborative, multidisciplinary diabetes and endocrinology research in a supportive environment;

2) to enhance the clinical and basic research capabilities of established diabetes investigators;

3) to encourage investigators not involved in diabetes research to become interested in pursuing problems related to diabetes and endocrinology;

4) to develop, implement and evaluate programs that deliver cost effective health care for the treatment of persons with diabetes;

5) to speed the translation of advances in basic biomedical and genetic research to the clinical arena where they may be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of persons with diabetes; and

6) to inform others in both professional and lay settings of the accomplishments, opportunities and advancements in diabetes research and training.

Additionally, the JHU-UMD DRC plans to establish the Hopkins-Howard DRC partnership both to increase capacity for diabetes-related health disparities research at Howard University and to increase the number of minority investigators successfully engaged in independent research careers in diabetes.

The JHU-UMD DRC consists of six cores including Cell Biology, Healthcare and Population Science,  Integrated Physiology, Molecular and Translational Genomics, Transgenic/ES Cell.    

JHU-UMD DRC Membership

The JHU-UMD DRC membership consists of individuals at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. These members form our research base and are organized into 7 focus groups. Membership includes 144 investigators and spans over 40 separate departments among these schools.  The investigators perform diabetes and endocrinology biomedical research funded by federal and private organizations.

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