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Hopkins USA, Reenergized

Charles Cummings is senior medical director of Hopkins USA.

Johns Hopkins USA has just received a shot in the arm. The service that provides assistance to out-of-state patients seeking specialized medical care at Johns Hopkins has been invigorated with a new director, a spruced-up Web site and additional patient coordinators all pumped full of intensive job training.

With Hopkins USA, callers can have appointments scheduled and travel and accommodation arrangements made, all through a single point of contact. Patients enjoy a relationship with a patient coordinator throughout and even following their hospital visit. “Having a single point of access is immensely valuable to those not familiar with the institution,” says Karen Frankson, Hopkins USA director. “It can help them get care without delays.”

Typically, a patient calls Hopkins USA in search of an appropriate physician or specialist. Hopkins USA staff collects the patient’s records and forwards them to a physician who in turn recommends a doctor and/or diagnostic studies. Hopkins USA then begins coordinating multiple appointments for the patient.

“Our goal is to have patients realize they can find someone here who will take care of them,” says Frankson. “Their visit should go as smoothly as possible so that they focus only on health.” A chief aim, she adds, is to deliver high-quality customer service on a par with Johns Hopkins’ medical care.

Patients accessing services from Hopkins USA will not be charged additional fees unless they opt for such amenities as a one-day executive health program and deluxe accommodations in the Marburg Pavilion. Hopkins USA holds the potential to cultivate a new patient base and raise the profile of Hopkins Medicine beyond the mid-Atlantic, and, at a time when fund raising remains priority No.1, this heightened visibility is particularly critical.

“With Hopkins USA, we have an opportunity to expose those in need of medical care to one of the country’s top-ranked medical institutions,” explains Charles Cummings, former director of the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery who now is senior medical director of Hopkins USA. “There’s new energy directed toward Hopkins USA to bring the services it exemplifies to a level that our patients will find attractive and accessible.”

Lydia Levis Bloch

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