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The Coylewrights, from left, Indigo, Megan, Jeremy and Izaia. “I couldn’t go to medical school if Meg were working 120 hours a week as an intern,” says Jeremy.

Balancing Act
Mixing medical training with family life is doubly difficult when both parents are doctors or doctors-to-be

Jeremy Coylewright, 29, is in his first year at the School of Medicine. His wife, Megan, 30, is an intern in the Department of Medicine. Between them, they already have three advanced degrees—a law degree, medical degree and a masters in public health—and two kids, ages 6 and 3. Jeremy spends the better part of his days in lectures or in the library; Megan takes care of patients, putting in 80-hour workweeks and taking call every fourth night.

When they’re at home, though, their world of medicine abruptly falls away.


What's News
United Way tally; millions more for the Children’s Tower; JH Task Force fueled to action.
Polar bear plunge; 24-hour cafeteria coming soon; new kosher eatery; AAALAC visit; department name change; time for student volunteer applications; ISO mentors.
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Detox Diligence
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Hopkins USA, Reenergized
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A Godsend in East Baltimore
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Blessed to Bridge Two Worlds
Clinical Pastoral Education intern Leo Yates doubles as a pastor at a church for the deaf.
Ice Dreams
Inspired by the Olympians, figure skater Phyllis Friello trains for the nationals.
On the Job with: Doris Alwine
The doyenne of patient relations looks back on 18 years of complaints, requests—and human nature.

Heart Throbs
Meet the horn section of the band Stevie V. and the Heart Attackers.

Miss Lavinia Turns 100
The longtime Hopkins Hospital employee returned for a gala celebration.


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