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Volume 60
Number 10
November 2008





PowerPoint Available
To streamline the massive amount of information about Johns Hopkins Medicine into one concise presentation, two PowerPoint tools, as well as talking points, are available at They are JHM Brief, a 24-slide, eight-minute presentation that covers the institution’s history, important facts and figures, achievements and future operations, and JHM Overview, a more comprehensive, 80-slide collection of information from which additional slides can be pulled to enhance your presentations. The figures and information in these documents have all been approved by JHM leadership, and updates will be available regularly. Info: or 443-287-2283.

All Atwitter
PowerPoint Available If you haven’t noticed already, Johns Hopkins Medicine has formed a social media network on its Web site including everything from blogs to YouTube. You can watch videos of cancer researcher Elizabeth Jaffe or Nobel laureate Carol Greider, and view patient and employee or construction updates on our official YouTube channel; make friends on Facebook with the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center or follow tweets from the Institute of Basic Biomedical Sciences; read blogs from HR Vice President Pamela Paulk on her kidney donation or from physicians at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center on their patient care experiences. Join our online communities at

Get Moving!
Open enrollment is here, which means it’s also time to fill out the annual Health Risk Assessment form, or wellness profile. Last year, 85 percent of Hopkins’ employees who filled out the HRA reported getting less than the recommended amount of exercise. The surgeon general’s report on physical activity states that 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week is beneficial for health; you don’t need to run a marathon to get results. Even breaking up the 30 minutes into smaller periods of 10 minutes each counts. There are many ways to add moderate activity and still lose weight and get healthful benefits—walking, gardening, biking, dancing or even washing the car—so pick something you’ll enjoy.



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