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Volume 60
Number 10
November 2008


Prized Curiosity
Carol Greider’s inquisitive nature and tenacity helped her win a Nobel, despite a learning disability.

Last month, when Carol Greider won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, she called the award “a boost for fundamental, curiosity-driven science.” It was also a measure of her fortitude, given that she has struggled with dyslexia all her life.

In 1984—at age 23— Greider, the Daniel Nathans Professor and Director of Molecular Biology and Genetics, co-discovered the enzyme telomerase, which protects chromosome ends (telomeres). But back then, as a grad student at UC Berkeley, she and her colleagues had no idea of the discovery’s medical relevance.



Consumer Choice
For the 14th straight year, the National Research Corporation has given The Johns Hopkins Hospital its Consumer Choice Award for the Baltimore region. For 2009-2010, Hopkins also was rated as the top choice by consumers in the Bethesda, Md., area. The award is based on ratings from health care consumers, who assessed hospitals based on four metrics: best overall quality, best image/reputation, best doctors and best nurses.


About Dome
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Giving Them a Voice
Giving Them a Voice
A bigger push to involve patients in their care.
With Thanks

With Thanks
Employees recall the people who helped them in their career.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

For Whom The Bell Tolls
How a ritual in Radiation Oncology has proven transformative.

Life Reclaimed

A Life Reclaimed
The perilous journey of a "Lost Boys of
Sudan" nuclear medicine technologist.

He Did da Vinci

He Did da Vinci
A Leonardo acolyte’s inventive stint on TV.

A Treatment Sum

A Treatment Sum That’s Greater Than Its Parts
Introducing the Johns Hopkins Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Research.

Bright Lights, Big Building
Bright Lights, Big Building
Oct. 24 marked the dedication of the Anne and Mike Armstrong Building, named for Mike Armstrong, chair of the boards of Johns Hopkins Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and his wife.


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