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Volume 60
Number 8
October 2009


Picture This

Picture This
Kinetic Art: New buildings aren’t the only things going up at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center‘s campus. Recently, a 24-foot tall sculpture—Flirting with Memory—created by local artist Paul Daniel, was erected on Hopkins Bayview Circle. Daniel said his sculpture that adorned the campus last summer (Sun Tattler) was so well received that he decided to display another piece of his art. "Hopefully," says Daniel, "the movement of this piece and its connection to nature will engage and interest everyone who sees it." Daniel drew inspiration for Flirting with Memory from scenes in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. Before arriving at Bayview, the sculpture was on display at the American University Museum, in Washington, D.C. It will grace the Bayview campus for one year.

Picture That

Picture That
Seizing the Moment: As Radiology Operations Administrator Peg Cooper watched students from Johns Hopkins’ Radiology Imaging School for Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine training have their class picture taken, she felt a spontaneous urge to "be silly"—hence her presence in the shot. "Our students are key to ensuring that we have highly skilled technologists and a pipeline for our open positions," says Cooper. "I was just having a little fun with them."



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