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Volume 60
Number 8
October 2009



Acknowledging Employees
Our yearly round-up of Hopkins Hospital staff awards and recognition.


Chief Operating Officer Judy Reitz, and Jim Halle present the Halle Award to Amanda Moatz, Child Life specialist, for her expertise and dedication to patients, who often share their positive experiences with Moatz’s supervisor.


Hospital President Ron Peterson and last year’s winner, Carol Stansbury, director of social work, present the Presidential Leadership Award to David Li, systems development manager, the Johns Hopkins Medicine Center for Information Services (JHMCIS). This award is the highest individual honor that can be presented to a top manager or administrator who has demonstrated outstanding performance by creating, managing and improving an environment of excellence for employees.

In the past, the Baker-King and other annual employee awards were joined by a recognition program called "Catch a Shining Star." But this year the stars are shining in a new light. The program, which receives about 250 nominations each quarter, used to acknowledge only 2 percent of nominees. Furthermore, "it was often hard for us to put value on what a service worker might do versus what a nurse or physician would do," says Becky Zuccarelli, senior director for service excellence. "It was weighted towards people who had clinical expertise."

Now every employee is acknowledged, and those with particularly interesting stories get their nominations posted on the bulletin board outside the cafeteria. Employees who collect five acknowledgments, which now are submitted in boxes throughout the hospital, are awarded two free movie passes.

Zuccarelli encourages supervisors to "please recognize your employees. It doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes to write up a nomination and to say thank you, which is often the best recognition that people can receive."

2009 Baker-King Awards
Sharon Bean—Mammography Coordinator, Outpatient Services
Thomas Blake—Radiology Transport Film Clerk III
Robert Vince Blake—Body Inpatient CT Technician
Lorraine Curbeam-Giles—Meyer 6 Clinical Associate
Ruth Dean—Environmental Services Worker
Mildred Faulkner—Master Security Officer
Lechone Gittings—Supply Coordinator, Materials Management Shared Services
Stephanie Humbles—Assistant Cook, Nutrition
Tyrone Jones—Dietary Supply Aide, Nutrition
Dale Keels—Environmental Services Worker
Angela Lane—Senior Mammography Specialist
Tiffany Lindsey—Meyer 6 Clinical Associate
Arlene Lyons—Johns Hopkins Health Care Human Resources Receptionist
Roland Powell—Linen Supply Distribution Group Leader
Loretta Gladden-Reddy—Pathology Customer Service Rep-Tech
Linda Smith—Materials Management Shared Services Safety Coordinator
Marina Stewart—Environmental Services Worker
Brenda Whittington—Outpatient Surgery Patient Service Coordinator II



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