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David Nichols

A 21st Century Approach
to Medical Education

The School of Medicine’s new curriculum emphasizes personalized care.

When Johns Hopkins leaders first started talking about a new curriculum, they began with a clean slate and a pointed question: How will medicine be practiced 10 years from now?

That was six years ago. Today, as the class of 2013 becomes the first to experience the new medical school curriculum, leaders find that things have changed much as they anticipated.

The federal government is talking seriously about national health insurance. The patient population is increasingly international and diversified. “We’re preparing our students to take care of malaria or dengue fever just as much as the common cold or influenza," says David Nichols, vice dean for education. And the explosion of scientific knowledge has not let up. “Since the volume of information is so great, we have to create a way for students to organize and think about and apply that information to patients."


Blue Distinction

Major Appointment for Minor
Lloyd Minor, director of the Department of Otolaryngology– Head and Neck Surgery since 2003, has been appointed provost and senior vice president of academic affairs, the second-incommand position for The Johns Hopkins University.

Hopkins President Ronald Daniels praised Minor as “an exceptional scholar, clinician and scientist," well known for his "driving passion to make Johns Hopkins stronger in all its crucial dimensions: research, education and service."

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The handwritten medical chart is going digital on the East Baltimore campus.


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New Look
New Look
After nearly two decades, the 200 internal security officers patrolling The Johns Hopkins Hospital and 60 officers at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center are sporting a new look.


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