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Signed and Sealed
Ahead of schedule, officials of Suburban Hospital Healthcare System and The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation completed and signed documents on June 30, officially integrating the Montgomery County-based system into the Johns Hopkins Health System. Under terms of the transaction, which does not involve any financial exchange, Suburban becomes a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of JHHS and a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, while retaining its commitment to the local community and community physicians. Suburban’s name is not expected to change at this time, and both leadership and day-to-day operations at Suburban will remain the same.

Cell Phone Update
The Johns Hopkins Health System and its affiliates have implemented a new cell phone policy to address the reimbursement of business cell phone calls and corporate cell phone plans. All corporate personal communication devices subsidized directly by accounts payable will no longer be available unless the JHHS tax office has approved an exception. Otherwise, all corporate cell phone plans through ATT Mobility and Verizon may be terminated as of July 31. This new policy is a result of the IRS enforcing guidelines on the use of cell phones and other personal communication devices, such as Blackberries. “We want to be in compliance with IRS tax rules,” says Janet Buehler, tax director. “Hopkins had a lot of departments paying for cell phones and Blackberries but didn’t know where the phones were and who was using them. Then there’s the element of paying for personal use.”  If you have a cell phone that’s on The Johns Hopkins Hospital or an affiliate corporate account, be sure to read and follow the policy to avoid an interruption in service. Info: FAQ:



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