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Robert Imes and Pamela Paulk three days before surgery. “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is one of those cases where I will get so much more from life for having given this gift,” says Paulk.

A Swap for a Co-worker
Employees from human resources and facilities come together for a kidney paired donation.

Although it seemed fortuitous for Robert Imes, the decision to donate one of her kidneys was hardly a sudden idea on Pamela Paulk’s part. She had been in the OR to watch surgeon Robert Montgomery perform a kidney transplant here 10 years ago. In her personal life, she had seen the difference that kidney transplantation made in the lives of two of her friends. And at work, she had been asked to speak at a celebration for minority donors.

“There comes a point in my life where I can’t talk about something and not do it,” says the vice president of human resources for The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. “I can’t say, This is important, this is something people should think about doing, but then not be willing to do it myself.”


Most Ethical

Signed and Sealed

Ahead of schedule, officials of Suburban Hospital Healthcare System and The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation completed and signed documents on June 30, officially integrating the Montgomery County-based system into the Johns Hopkins Health System. Under terms of the transaction, which does not involve any financial exchange, Suburban becomes a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of JHHS and a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, while retaining its commitment to the local community and community physicians.

About Dome
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Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center celebrates a significant milestone this month.
A Quarter Century Strong
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center celebrates a significant milestone this month.
Wilmer Debut

Wilmer Debut
When the ribbon was cut on the new, $105 million Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building last month, it ushered in a new era for the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Making Room in Howard County

Making Room in Howard County
To adapt to a growing, and aging, population, as well as overcrowded facilities, Howard County General Hospital unveiled its new, four-story patient pavilion this month.

Stepping Aside

Stepping Aside
By advocating civility and transparency, Beryl Rosenstein changed the Hopkins culture.

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Fresh Idea
Fresh Idea
Hundreds of employees and community residents flock to the new Farmers Market, brainchild of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Green Team.



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