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Doctor of Medicine and Marriage Maven
Charlie Wiener, pulmonologist and vice-chair of education for the Osler medical house staff, moonlights occasionally as a wedding officiant. A certified (online) minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism, Wiener made his debut at the October 2007 wedding of former medical resident Vicki Mobley and Steven Taylor (pictured above). Since then, Wiener has officiated at several other residents’ weddings. “It all started because Vicki didn’t belong to a church,” he says. “And, I’m a big fan of marriage.” Married 27 years, Wiener has followed the example of his father, who also officiated at weddings. Adds Wiener, “I try to make the vows ceremony personal.” Wiener—who will only officiate at colleagues’ weddings—refuses to accept payment for his services: “The only thing I ask for is a nice photo.”



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