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Wheel Appeal

Wheel Appeal
The first-ever hospital-wide wheelchair and stretcher inventory took place last month. Over the course of two days, inventory teams visited units, procedure areas and garages to tag the roughly 1,000 wheelchairs and stretchers and to identify equipment in need of repairs—or so they thought. The multidepartmental effort yielded only 400 useable wheelchairs and 350 stretchers. Some were stolen, missing parts or thrown away, notes Caroline LeGarde, project administrator in operations integration. “Transport services can spend up to two hours a day looking for a chair. This inventory should help cut down that time. And now that we have baseline data, we have a great jumping off point for the new buildings.” From left, Peggy House, patient transport manager; transport staffers Troy Allen and Lamont Brown; Steven Ragsdale, administrative services; and operations integration staffers Megha Mehta and Jennifer Skoko.



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