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Across the Age Divide
How a melting pot of generational differences is shaping nursing.

Geneva Craig’s nearly 30 years in nursing and her experience lecturing on the profession’s intergenerational conflict has made her more than just a casual observer to the human drama that sometimes plays out between nurses of different ages. She came to recognize that with each new crop of nurses came new ways of communicating, learning, performing tasks and approaching the demands of work and family.

Frequently, these differences sparked clashes rather than opportunities for mutual gain, notes Craig, an appeals nurse analyst at Johns Hopkins HealthCare. In particular, she has witnessed many occasions when younger colleagues struggled for validation and support from their elders.


Germ-Busting Progress

Zerhouni Returns

Elias Zerhouni, M.D., who made invaluable contributions to science and biotechnology as a former school of medicine executive vice dean and director of the National Institutes of Health from 2002 to 2008, returned to Hopkins on May 1 as senior advisor to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Zerhouni’s depth of experience and counsel will help Hopkins take advantage of the many opportunities for innovation in academic medicine. Med School

About Dome
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Diversity Scholars
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Nurse Talk
In honor of Nurses’ Week, May 6-12, Dome spoke with RNs from Hopkins entities.

The Leadership Development Program proves that trailblazers come in all personality types.

Palliative Care at Home
A program at the Children’s Center cuts down on admissions and psychosocial distress.

Kurt Rubach with his preceptor, Amanda Glockner.

A Year in Training
New graduate nurses at Howard County General Hospital get a helping hand.

Liz Martinez calls her work fascinating, “because you never know which study will change lives.”

Cheering the Volunteers
A research subject advocate celebrates study participants while promoting a culture of safety.


Preserving Plaques
Some memorials are more mysterious than others.

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Work in Progress
Work in Progress
The new clinical towers, as viewed from Orleans Street garage on April 17, 2009. Most of the supplies have been purchased for what will become one of the largest academic medical centers in the country, according to Facilities Vice President Sally McConnell.



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