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Diversity Survey

To gauge Johns Hopkins’ success in creating a culturally diverse environment, a new survey for all employees and faculty members is available through March 13. The Diversity Climate Survey, which was developed by the Johns Hopkins’ Diversity Leadership Council in partnership with the Commission on Equity, Civility and Respect and the Diversity Steering Committee, covers a wide variety of topics, including leadership, inclusion and civility. Participants can share views with respect to Hopkins’ strengths as well as areas of opportunity. Data collected from the survey will inform future policy and program development. The survey is completely anonymous and it is available online at or at Phipps 404. Take 15 minutes to complete the survey and make your opinions known.

Home Care Triumph

blank Mary Myers, surveyor Suzanne Clark, and Kim Carl.
Mary Myers, surveyor Suzanne Clark, and Kim Carl.

Three years ago, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group was jubilant after learning that their Department of Health and Mental Hygiene survey results were deficiency free. Now they’re celebrating again, thanks to a repeat performance. Deficiency-free surveys are rare, says Mary Myers, vice president of home care, but two in a row is unheard of. She attributes the success of the five-day unannounced survey to “sustained efforts to ensure quality and safety.” In the exit survey, DHMH surveyor Suzanne Clark noted that most home care agencies loosen their attention after one success, but Hopkins showed extraordinary commitment to every aspect of patient care. Clark credits Home Care’s director Kim Carl for keeping the bar high. Meanwhile, the exemplary survey has earned Home Care another three-year break from DHMH scrutiny.




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