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Feast for the Eyes
As Wilmer Eye Institute’s new home nears completion, passersby are stopping in their tracks to ogle. Located on the corner of Broadway and Orleans Street, the 207,000-square-foot ultra-modern structure, designed by Adam Gross, is angled precisely toward the historic Wilmer dome, capturing its image on reflective glass. Named for its lead donors and slated to open this summer, the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Building and Maurice Bendann Surgical Pavilion will allow Wilmer surgeons to treat more than 14,000 patients annually. The building also includes five floors of research space where Wilmer clinicians and scientists will work side by side to fast-track new treatments for blinding eye diseases. And if you think Wilmer’s new exterior is eye-popping, wait until you see the light-infused, artistic interior (check back with us for updates). Additional info:



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