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Encore! Encore!

Riding on the success of the miniseries Hopkins 24/7, ABC-TV has wrapped up more dramatic Hopkins footage for a follow-up.

Hopkins, which airs on June 26 at 10 p.m., will run for six weeks in hour-long segments. Viewers will have the chance to observe residents and senior surgeons perform transplants, brain surgery and facial reconstruction. Tempering these triumphs is a delicate end-of-life situation and a surgical intern going through a tough learning curve. Finally, residents and physicians discuss the joys and struggles of their profession and its impact on their personal lives. The documentary’s executive producer Terry Wrong—who considers Hopkins a “national treasure”—says he was struck by the institution’s resilience in facing major technological changes, shifting expectations for residents, a more assertive patient population and the growing financial perils involved in operating a large academic center.

Newsletter Debut

Focus groups conducted by Johns Hopkins Marketing and Communications have confirmed that patients are making more informed decisions about the medical services they need and where to obtain them. Patients also want to know exactly what hospitals can offer them—in plain English—preferably in a publication, according to the findings. In response, Johns Hopkins Health will make its debut this month. The 12-page quarterly consumer health newsletter features health briefs, patient stories, clinical topics and more. On the cover is a woman who shares her story of recovery and treatment at Hopkins after sudden cardiac arrest, highlighting the problem of underdiagnosed heart disease in women. Other topics featured include headache treatments and knee surgery advances. The publication will be mailed to 180,000 households, and copies will be available in clinical waiting areas throughout the institution. Info:



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