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Fire Safety Database

In the old days, after a fire drill, unit managers would fax a copy of an evaluation form that noted potential problems with drills or alarms to the Hospital’s department of Health, Safety and Environment. Collecting those forms was no easy feat because they’d arrive at different locations within the department. No more. Now, says Senior Occupational Safety Officer Brian Schott, fire safety managers in each department can complete the form online. The database Schott and his IT staff designed can be found at

Hand-Washing Update

Hopkins’ rigorous hand hygiene campaign to reduce the transmission of microorganisms to patients, colleagues and family members just got tougher. Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control has added requirements, most focused on hand sanitizing upon entering and leaving a patient’s room. The new policy also states that artificial nails are prohibited for direct patient care staff. The complete hand hygiene policy is available on the HEIC Web site,, and the Nursing Web site,





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