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Julie Horst (foreground), waiting beside her red Nissan, and Dawna McGlynn (background) both trained as social workers before becoming patient navigators.
John Cameron has invited his son Andrew to co-author the 10th edition of his textbook, Current Surgical Therapy. As in previous years, this Father’s Day will likely find the duo at the hospital.

Ties That Bind
John and Andrew Cameron’s mutual admiration for surgery, Johns Hopkins—and each other.

When Andrew Cameron was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital 38 years ago, his father, John, was finishing his last year of a Hopkins surgical fellowship. The family lived on campus in a three-bedroom apartment—so cramped that this fourth child slept in a bassinet in the master bedroom closet.


Fire Safety Database

Encore! Encore!
Riding on the success of the miniseries Hopkins 24/7, ABC-TV has wrapped up more dramatic Hopkins footage for a follow-up.

Hopkins, which airs on June 26 at 10 p.m., will run for six weeks in hour-long segments. Viewers will have the chance to observe residents and senior surgeons perform transplants, brain surgery and facial reconstruction. Tempering these triumphs is a delicate end-of-life situation and a surgical intern going through a tough learning curve. Finally, residents and physicians discuss the joys and struggles of their profession and its impact on their personal lives. The documentary’s executive producer Terry Wrong—who considers Hopkins a “national treasure”—says he was struck by the institution’s resilience in facing major technological changes, shifting expectations for residents, a more assertive patient population and the growing financial perils involved in operating a large academic center.

About Dome
Dome is an award-winning monthly tabloid for employees, patients, visitors and friends of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
Hopkins leaders and community dignitaries celebrate the opening of the Rangos life sciences building.
Creating a Legacy
How employees can be a part of the Johns Hopkins Family Campaign.
The Joint Commission bestows its prestigious Codman Award on Bayview’s Addiction Treatment Services.

Nothing to Sneeze At
So long to shots for allergy sufferers?

Howard County General Hospital sets up a successful MRSA project in its ICU.

Zero Maintenance
On the WICU, an important infection rate hits a record low.

The first of its kind in the country, a new program at Hopkins Bayview tries to improve the quality of life for older adults.

Making Up Ground
Halsted 8 improves its patientsatisfaction scores usingcommon-sense techniques.

Thanks to wellness-themed rewards, morale among adult ED staff soars.

Hopkins Goes Green
As part of a quality improvement fellowship, anesthesiologist Jerry Stonemetz initiated a project last year to educate hospital staff about segregating contaminated trash from other waste.

20 percent of the nurses on Hopkins’ Cardiac SICU are male.

The Great Grant Chase
Flat funding is hampering medical progress, Miller tells Washington legislators.

Johns Hopkins Home Care nurses outside a patient's home in White Marsh.

Integrative Medicine Goes Mainstream
A new Johns Hopkins Community Physicians practice offers on-site acupuncture and massage.

Nurses practice IV insertion.

A Just Cause
The tenacity of two men has paid off in an honor for famed pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Johns Hopkins Home Care nurses outside a patient's home in White Marsh.

To the Rescue
Lisa Katulis’ training helps her navigate through an emergency in the sky.

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The COWs (computers on wheels) on the WICU (Weinberg ICU) now each have their own name.
Move over, Filene's Basement


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