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Mission in Synch
Diversity and Inclusion Reflected in New Mission Statement

In Oct. 2006, the word diverse was added to Johns Hopkins Medicine’s (JHM) mission statement to demonstrate the institution’s commitment to recruiting and hiring the most talented people, and to fostering a culture in which everyone feels valued. Now, mirroring that mantra, the Hospital has revised its mission and vision statements to reflect that commitment. Hospital leadership took steps to clarify these statements, matching them closely with JHM’s core values, vision and mission, explains Vice President for Marketing and Communications Dalal Haldeman, who led the effort.

“Because maintaining excellence in patient care is our utmost priority,” she says, “we wanted this reflected in the first sentence of the mission. We also wanted everyone in our organization to be able to state our mission, vision and core values more concisely. In essence, our vision defines our future, our mission describes our purpose and our values shape our actions, motivate and inspire us.”

On March 10, The Johns Hopkins Hospital board of trustees endorsed the new mission, vision and core values for The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The mission of The Johns Hopkins Hospital is to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. Diverse and inclusive, The Johns Hopkins Hospital in collaboration with the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University supports medical education and research and provides innovative patient-centered care to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness.

The vision of The Johns Hopkins Hospital is to be the world’s preeminent health care institution.

•  Excellence and Discovery
•  Leadership and Integrity
•  Diversity and Inclusion
•  Respect and Collegiality        



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