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Cardiology Jeopardy
Clash of the Cardiology Titans.

blank Hopkins' WIPES campaign

You know the drill. Keep your answers in the form of a question, please.

This cardiologist and high-ranking member of the Department of Medicine was a competitive speed skater as a child.

Who is Mike Weisfeldt?

Answers and questions like these, styled after the popular game show Jeopardy!, were part of cardiology rounds late last year. The event pitted nearly two dozen cardiology fellows against even more faculty for an hour-long round of rapid-fire questioning in categories ranging from eponymous heart murmurs to the history of Hopkins cardiology.

This former Dean of the School of Medicine and past president of the American Heart Association was one of three physicians chosen to evaluate whether President Richard Nixon was well enough to testify in the Watergate trials.

Who is Richard Ross?

Cardiologist Lili Barouch, who co-hosted the event with Jeff Trost, interventional cardiologist at Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, pursued the idea as a way to lighten up at rounds. “It was a fun way to test our skills and show just what’s really going on in cardiology at Hopkins,” says Barouch.

This current interventional cardiologist was once a competitive diver and golfer.

Who is Julie Miller?

By the end of the second round, fellows were well ahead with 13,600 points (faculty trailed with 10,700), then sealed their victory when faculty wagered everything in the final round for naught.

Barouch, who is hoping to make the game an annual event, encourages other divisions and departments to try the concept. To find out how, contact her at

—Reported by David March



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