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Priority Partners’ Kathy Just and patient Ashley Asilis outside Ashley’s Silver Spring home.

Top Priority
Steering families through the health-care maze, a cadre of case managers transcends traditional medical care for low-income families

On any given day, Ashley Asilis’ entourage numbers about 25. No, she’s not a movie star, though her striking features could open doors in Hollywood. Rather, that’s how many people it takes to keep the 5-year-old healthy.

Ashley was born with a metabolic disorder that causes seizures. By the time she was a year old, her weight had plummeted off the growth charts, and despite being on medication, she had daily seizures.


What's News
Best of the Best?; Patrick Walsh at the top of his game; JH Community Physicians ventures into Charles County.
Honoring Eli; HopkinsOne relief; Patient satisfaction; Cultural competency.
To Our Readers
Dome editor Bennett Swingle takes a final bow.
About Dome
Dome is an award-winning monthly tabloid for employees, patients, visitors and friends of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
A Science Fair to Remember
Local elementary students bring their projects to Hopkins for the first annual event.
Advance Team
They may operate behind the scenes, but Access Services staff are very much partners in patient care.

Wonder Teacher
Meet Donna Magid, associate professor of radiology.
Taking the Plunge
A bone marrow transplant nurse practitioner’s aquatic fund-raising changes lives.

Sparkle Plenty
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group directors celebrate patient satisfaction.

Fertility Center, Now at Green Spring
Johns Hopkins’ first test-tube baby attends the grand opening.


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