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Maryland’s Senators


On the eve of the Senate debate on legislation that would lift restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, Sen. Barbara Mikulski paid a visit to the Institute for Cell Engineering. “To be sure we’re on the right track, I wanted to come and talk to researchers, and boy did I get an earful,” Mikulski reported at a news conference in the Weinberg Building auditorium on April 10.

Surrounded by a handful of ICE scientists—a group she referred to as the “genius club”—Mikulski said she was impressed by the “cornucopia of new ideas and breakthroughs. There was no end to what I heard about the possibilities.”


The legislation, which would also create ethical guidelines, later passed the Senate.

As part of the Berman Bioethics Institute’s 10th anniversary celebration, Sen. Benjamin Cardin came to medical grand rounds on April 20 to talk about health care’s moral challenges. He called for universal health care and reducing costs, particularly of pharmaceuticals. “We’re overpaying. The industry is spending more on advertising than research,” and suggesting otherwise is “morally wrong,” he said. “Bioethics is critically important as decisions are made in Washington and throughout the world.” 

Convocation Talk


Atul Gawande, a Brigham and Women’s surgeon, MacArthur fellow, and acclaimed author of books and articles, will deliver the commencement address at the School of Medicine’s convocation. For the first time, both student speakers, elected by their peers, will be women. Lorrel Brown will speak for medical students; Paria Mirmonses, for grad students. Convocation will be held at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on Thursday, May 17, at 2:30 p.m.



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