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Let’s Get Engaged
The upcoming employee survey will measure more than just satisfaction

Every two years since 2001, employees have taken a satisfaction survey, and in June, the entire Hopkins Medicine workforce will be asked do so once again. This time, though, the experience promises to be quite different.

Instead of an hour, the survey will take less than 15 minutes. Instead of 125 questions, there will be less than 25. And most significantly, instead of satisfaction, the survey will probe employee “engagement.”

According to the new survey vendor, the Gallup Organization, engagement is a predictor of overall organizational performance. What’s more, high employee engagement in a health care organization can lead to safer clinical environments and improved patient satisfaction.

For years, Gallup has studied how employee attitudes relate to workplace performance. It developed a formula called the Q12 to measure employee engagement. The Q12 consists of 12 statements like “I know what is expected of me at work,” or “This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow.” Employees rank them on a scale of one to five, from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

“The Gallup Q12 captures the relationship between the organization and its employees,” says Carol Woodward, human resources senior projects administrator. “It gets people away from thinking that satisfaction involves only things like pay, benefits and parking when it’s really the intangibles of the relationship that make a difference.”

Administered entirely by Gallup, the survey will be accessed online via a special code assigned to each employee. Those without computers can take the survey on the telephone. Reports will contain only totals for groups; managers will not be able to determine individual responses. “It will be absolutely confidential,” stresses Woodward.

“We understand that our employees are frequently asked to take surveys,” says Pamela Paulk, human resources VP, “but this one is the only one that cuts across all of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Everyone’s input is vital.”

Anne Bennett Swingle

The Gallup Q12 survey will be conducted from June 11 to 24. Results will be shared about a month after the survey period ends.



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