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Facts & Figures

As big as Johns Hopkins Medicine is, you now can put key information about it in your pocket.

Your Pocket Guide 2007, a small but informative brochure, is brimming with all the facts and figures you’ll want to have at your fingertips the next time your friends or family inquire about this $4.1 billion (up from $3.3 billion in FY 2005) enterprise known as Johns Hopkins Medicine.

So how BIG are we?

FACT: JHM’s components directly employ 25,949 individuals. Combined, that’s more than any other private employer in Maryland.

FACT: JHM’s financial impact on Maryland is $6.4 billion.

FACT: Johns Hopkins Medicine unites the faculty physicians and scientists of the University’s School of Medicine with the organizations, health professionals and facilities of the Johns Hopkins Health System.

FACT: In addition to the School of Medicine, some components of Johns Hopkins Medicine are:

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • JH Bayview Medical Center
  • Howard County General Hospital
  • JH Community Physicians
  • Johns Hopkins HealthCare
  • Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
AT A GLANCE (2006)

9,504 employees
2,448 full-time faculty
1,249 part-time faculty
482 medical students
758 Ph.D. students

8,817 employees
1,017 licensed patient beds
1,714 attending physicians
1,089 residents and fellows
47,378 admissions
231,634 outpatient visits

3,300 employees
709 licensed patient beds
552 attending physicians
84 residents and fellows
21,259 admissions
102,882 outpatient visits

1,633 employees
226 licensed patient beds
705 physicians
13,886 admissions
41,200 outpatient visits

Want more?

Visit For a copy of Your Pocket Guide 2007, contact Christian Feuerstein, Marketing and Communications, 410-955-7479, or



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