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In early January, as the largest technological business systems installation in the history of Johns Hopkins went live, Greg Finnegan fielded phone calls from his Phipps office. He was helping people learn how to use SAP, the new software installed by the HopkinsOne project.

“Hey, that sounds great,” Finnegan said, making an appointment to see the caller in person. “Want me to bring the Starbucks?”

Bantering helped people relax, but when it came right down to it, Finnegan, as the lead SWAT support person for the East Baltimore campus, had more than enough to do.

Some 11,000 users—with 7,000 on the East Baltimore campus alone—needed to learn how to hire or pay employees, run reports, make purchases, track finances, or perform other business-related transactions.

Finnegan, the Health System’s director of organizational development and training, was doing double duty as the head of a HopkinsOne SWAT team. Part air traffic controller and part sleuth, he assigned issues and probed for more information. His office was a key base for other team members, who also took calls or dashed out to help people at their desks.

SWAT teams, assembled from almost 400 Johns Hopkins employees and HopkinsOne project staff, volunteered to help system users who had questions or ran into roadblocks. The teams helped work through problems or logged them for follow-up.

One by one, problems got solved.

Darlene Johnson, a University administrative secretary in neurosciences, had been stumped while filling out her first Internal Service Request for an employee reimbursement, but once she figured out that she needed a code number and got some help from a SWAT team member, she was able to complete it. After that, she breezed through, completing 14 ISRs in one day.

It wasn’t always so easy. Melissa Grissom, a staff assistant in neurosciences administration for Hopkins Hospital, took the training and knew her way around SAP. But because of a system error, she kept getting blocked when she tried to file expense reimbursements on behalf of administrators or faculty. “At least by trying it over and over again,” she says, “I’ll be familiar with all the steps by the time it gets fixed.”

—Jeanne Johnson



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