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So Long Print Shop, Hello FedEx/Kinko’s

After more than 35 years, Johns Hopkins’ print shop is closing. From now on, FedEx/Kinko’s will handle all print requests.

“Though the outsourcing marks the end of an era, it heralds exciting opportunities for the Hopkins community, like 24-hour delivery (depending on the print job) and electronic order processing,” said Chester Wortham, director of special services.

Steve Cawunder, print shop manager for the past 30 years, will serve as an intermediary between Johns Hopkins and FedEx/Kinko’s to ensure a smooth transition. FedEx/Kinko’s also will have an on-site representative to assist customers with orders and a delivery person and van to handle Hopkins orders exclusively. Drop boxes are in convenient locations, including the Wolfe Street lobby, where the FedEx/Kinko’s lobby is located.

Over the years, the Print Shop provided high-volume print services for the Hopkins’ community. But business volume decreased from 2,000,000 to approximately 850,000 copies per month, in large part because of limited electronic services.

FedEx/Kinko’s will give users access to electronic ordering in the second phase of the project, tentatively set for July 1. By clicking an icon on their computers, they can place an order that can be delivered to their desk the next day.

Judy Minkove

Info: FedEx/ Kinko’s office, Harvey/Nelson 130, 410-955-6010



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