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College Names

The four advisory colleges in the School of Medicine, known as colleges A, B, C and D, have been named at last. They are, respectively, Sabin, Thomas, Nathans and Taussig. A “Naming Committee,” led by Rob Shocket, director of the College Advisory Program, and consisting mostly of medical students along with some faculty and staff, began meeting last fall. Soliciting input from students, faculty and alums, they fielded nearly 150 naming suggestions, ranging from geographic locations, to Baltimore landmarks and personalities, to ancient cities and physicians, to values (in Latin) of professionalism. Ultimately, though, the committee decided the colleges should be named after prominent faculty educators. Those alive today would be ineligible. Those already formally honored on buildings and elsewhere would receive less preference. The group also sought a diverse group, more the “next generation” of Hopkins greats. Approved by the deans, their selections honor molecular biologist Dan Nathans, a 1978 Nobel laureate; Helen Taussig, a pioneer in congenital heart disease; Vivien Thomas, an African-American surgery assistant and hero of the blue-baby operation; and Florence Sabin, in 1917, the School’s first female professor.


With the popularity of TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House,” it seems like people just can’t get enough of places like … ours. That may be one reason why a film crew from ABC News came to East Baltimore this spring to film a pilot episode featuring “medical mysteries”—challenging diagnoses that call for a little medical detective work. The Hopkins’ segment explored “broken heart syndrome,” or stress cardiomyopathy, in which sudden emotional or physical stress induces the classic symptoms of a heart attack but without permanent heart damage. The segment, featuring cardiologists Ilan Wittstein and Hunter Champion, was filmed on May 2 with reporter Bob Brown and aired on May 12 on “20/20.” It will be rerun later in the year.



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