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Welcome to Your New Workplace

Six years in the making, our spectacular new clinical buildings soon will begin to rise out of the ground. As this artist’s rendering suggests, the massive Children’s Tower and Cardiovascular and Critical Care Tower will alter not only the East Baltimore landscape but also the entire city skyline. High on a hill, they’ll be visible from downtown and from the waterfront. They’ll light up the night, a glowing beacon overlooking the city.

Much has been made about how our new clinical buildings will revolutionize care and comfort for patients. But let’s not forget how much this structure will alter the environment for the hundreds of clinicians and staff who will work here.

It’s about time. Right now, much of our clinical care is delivered in congested, antiquated space. Yet, remarkably, our faculty and staff have made this the best hospital in America for 15 years running. Imagine what they might achieve in a spacious, fresh and comfortable environment. Imagine how much easier it will be for them to deliver superior service with all the requisite tools that support patient care and all the amenities they never had in the past.

The festive June 5 groundbreaking ceremony is a milestone that both marks progress and heralds a new chapter in this enormous project. It marks six years’ worth of planning, years during which hundreds of people spent countless work hours thinking and re-thinking the best possible solutions to enhance care and comfort. Now, at last, their dreams and ideas are beginning to take finite shape.

The June 5 celebration also heralds a new phase: construction. This is actually the biggest hospital single-expansion project in the United States. The innovative buildings will rise on a single foundation, one composed not just of concrete and steel, but also, as noted at the groundbreaking ceremony, of Hopkins ideals.

Coupled with the new Pediatric Medical Office Building across Orleans Street, the Children’s Tower and Cardiovascular and Critical Care Tower will create the energy and excitement that surely will attract the best faculty and staff for decades to come. Flexible enough to accommodate the yet-to-be-discovered innovations of the future, they will assure that our infrastructure is at last on a par with our science.

So get ready. This is going to be one great place to work.
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