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At the Baltimore Museum of Art, medical students study a painting, blocking out the figures so they can concentrate on the background.

Medicine Meets the Museum
Med students hone their observational skills in the gallery

Med students hone their observational skills in the gallery Second-year medical student Rush Chewning peered at the reclining figure. The man’s eyes were closed, his head thrust back, his right hand hung limply at his side. “He’s either sleeping or exhausted,” Chewning speculated, as his fellow students looked on. “He’s not dead because he’s got good color. He’s either wounded or out cold.”

“He’s not wounded,” another student said. “He doesn’t appear to be in pain.” Others noted the woman at his side. “She has a certain lightness to her face. She seems radiant.” Still others studied the bare-breasted woman. “She’s a little disturbing. Are those fish scales starting at the hip?”

The subjects of this evolving diagnosis were not living people, but figures in a painting.


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