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Women’s Concierge: A Magic Portal

Newly arrived in Baltimore from Florida, Marie Polymise, a compensation specialist in the Health System’s Office of Human Resources, needed to find a general practitioner, dentist and obstetrician/gynecologist. “I didn’t know where to begin,” she says.

A colleague put her in touch with the Women’s Concierge Service. Within a couple of days, Gwendolyn McEachin, the service’s specially trained representative, had lined up the three appointments with physicians located at Hopkins Hospital, just steps from her office. “It saved me hours of asking around or searching online,” says Polymise.

The Women’s Concierge Service is a portal through which women can access medical services for themselves and their family members at any Hopkins clinic. The service representative suggests the most suitable physician for the patient’s needs, handles the red tape and schedules appointments.

All it takes is a single call. Best of all, the service is free.

“Women require lots of annual medical tests: physicals, mammograms, Pap smears, bone density testing and eye exams,” says Redonda Miller, an assistant professor in General Internal Medicine and medical director of the Women’s Concierge Service. “Setting up appointments in an institution as large as this can be time consuming. With Women’s Concierge, you access all these services with one call.”

The program focuses on medical services that address the exclusive concerns of women, such as gynecology/obstetrics, that are used more frequently by women (cosmetic surgery), that treat diseases that present differently in women than men (cardiology), or that are more prevalent in women than men (depression).

Supported by Medicine, Radiology, Surgery and Gyn/Ob, the service is a pilot program. Though data still are being analyzed, it appears that the initiative has many satisfied customers.

Marie Polymise would agree. “I’m going to need a dermatologist soon. I know I’ll be calling again.”

Lydia Levis Bloch

To access the Women’s Concierge Service, call 410-502-7465.


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