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Satisfaction 2003
Employees of both The Johns Hopkins Hospital/Johns Hopkins Health System Corp. and the School of Medicine ranked their overall job satisfaction higher than they did in the 2001 survey. MORE

Making the Grade
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center came through with flying colors on the new Maryland Hospital Performance Evaluation Guide, an Internet-based "report card" that rates the state's 46 hospitals on how well they treat two conditions, congestive heart failure and community-acquired pneumonia. MORE

New Partners in Safety
The Children's Center looks to parents for help in keeping little patients safe

In an isolation room on CMSC 6, 21-month-old Arlen Garcia plays "throw the blankie out of the crib" with his mother, Arlene.

To make him feel at home during his seven-week recovery from bladder surgery, Arlene has taped pictures of the boy's two brothers to his crib, a note from his auntie, plus an "Arlen- speak"-to-English "dictionary" to help make him better understood.


Parents like Arlene Garcia, here with son Arlen, now are playing a role in safety.


Heartfelt Honors
The womens' board emerges as a funding force to be reckoned with. MORE

Working with Grief
For employees, Hopkins' three retail pharmacies are fast becoming the drugstores of choice. MORE


Mary Foy: Registrar Extraordinaire
Recently promoted to associate dean, Foy is regarded as a walking bible of information about the School of Medicine, its policies and people. MORE


Pomp and Pageantry
Medical school flew by in four short years, but the memories will last a lifetime.


Shower Tents
An array of improvements has boosted satisfaction among nurses at Bayview's Med A and Med B. MORE


Carson's Cameo
Two psychiatrists tell their story. MORE


Long Haul
A few Hopkins leaders tell how HIPAA affects their workplaces. MORE


Shining Stars
Recognition for a job well-done.MORE


Dog Rescue, With Resources
Medical school flew by in four short years, but the memories will lasty a lifetime.

Building Faith in Organ Donation
Medical school flew by in four short years, but teh memories will lasty a lifetime.

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