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No Kids, Please!

Your article depicting two scientists and their children in a research lab (“Love in the Laboratory,” December) sends a mixed message that challenges School of Medicine policies. Last year, the Institute for Cell Engineering (ICE) experienced problems with unsupervised children in the labs. A memo was sent to everyone in ICE outlining SOM policies and indicating that no children are allowed in labs for safety and liability reasons.
Given that 24/7 operations are required in the research labs, children are, however, permitted in standard office environments that do not contain hazardous materials and expensive lab equipment.

Kwang-Kai Sauer
administrator, Institute for Cell Engineering

From A Wilmer Patient’s Mother

We are so appreciative of your efforts and clear representation of our Sarah (“Seeing Is Believing,” November).We have received so much positive feedback—people say that they “finally” understand. We could not have wished for a better article. Perfection!

Hope Hill

In Search of Dome

When I parked in the Broadway Garage, I used to pick up my Dome and other publications from one of the racks outside Wilmer in the hallway. But since the foot traffic has been rerouted to the Orleans Garage, all the racks have disappeared, and I’ve missed out on a bunch of issues of Dome and Hopkins Ink. Can you put back a rack?

Jane Benson, M.D.
pediatric radiology

Ed.’s Note
Done! A publications rack now is on the second level of Weinberg near the security desk, on the route from the Orleans Garage into the main hospital.



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