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Spurred by power shutoffs that have led to tragedy, groups from across JHM came together and took action. From left, Dave Nichols, Heather Barthel, Lew Romer and Joanne Pollak.

Grace Under Fire
To save children, Hopkins turns up the heat on Maryland’s energy policy

One morning in December 2003, David Nichols arrived in the pediatric intensive care unit to find the team assembled at the bedside of a an 11-year-old boy. He had been burned so severely that although he was African American, he appeared to be white. His body was bloated to two or three times its normal size, his face so swollen that the PICU team, unable to get a breathing tube into his mouth, was performing an emergency tracheotomy.

The next day the boy died, as did his younger brother. Both had been trapped in a burning row house. Their power had been shut off, and the family had resorted to lighting the home with candles.


What's News
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao returns to Hopkins; Kimmel Cancer Center docs sweep most-cited list.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation’s earthquake aid; pay hospital bills online; new urban health journal; doctors of photography on display.
About Dome
Dome is an award-winning monthly tabloid for employees, patients, visitors and friends of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
James Earl Jones Lauds MLK’s Impact on the Arts
This year’s MLK celebration featured Jones.
Fetal Attraction
A JHH nurse shares her discoveries about life in utero.
Have a Hunch? Report It.
Lisa Maragakis helped unmask a catheter responsible for bloodstream infections.
Saturday Surgeries
For the first time in as long as anyone remembers, elective surgery is done on Saturday.

Care Beyond the Clinic
The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center reaches out to patients, families and the community.
Clinical Trials, Demystified
A Kimmel Cancer Center information specialist matches volunteers to treatment studies.
In the Community, a Boost for Colon Cancer Screening
How Hopkins is at the forefront of prevention.

Snakes Alive!
A first-year medical student and his reptilian passion.
Bracing for Catastrophe
Gabe Kelen’s big, new project on disaster preparedness and response speaks to the very essence of homeland security.

No Parking
A fixture on the East Baltimore campus for decades, the Broadway Garage is no more.

Star Power!
Lt. Gov. Michael Steele celebrates Project REACH at Hopkins Hospital.

Dear Dome
We open the mailbag to see what our readers really think.


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