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Help Wanted!

Sound like a joke? Not really. Seven years ago, Hopkins launched clinical and research facilities in Singapore. The clinical operation—an outpatient center and 30-bed inpatient wing—is staffed and overflowing with patients. The research wing, however, is looking to add lab scientists.

The Division of Biomedical Sciences, Johns Hopkins Singapore will offer a Ph.D. in stem cell biology and immunology through a partnership with the National University of Singapore. Six labs, four of which are headed by East Baltimore P.I.’s, are up and running in Singapore’s dazzling Biopolis complex. Ian McNiece, the Hopkins professor of oncology who leads the Singapore division, hopes to add eight more, for a total of nearly 120 researchers.

Scientists currently at work in Biopolis have been known to take weekend trips surfing off the coast of Bali or hiking in Nepal. Sound tempting? For more, contact Johns Hopkins staff at Biopolis. And remember, no phone calls, please!

Anne Bennett Swingle

Singapore’s Biopolis. Qualified applicants, apply within.



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