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More Saints to the Rescue

These have been busy times for CEPAR. The office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response recently sent Department of Emergency Medicine fellows Italo Subbaro and Angali Pant, both on the Bloomberg School faculty, and ED nurse Daksha Brambhatt to Pakistan in the wake of the Oct. 8 earthquake. Traveling with medical personnel assembled by the International Rescue Committee, they left for Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, on Oct. 17.

Earlier, CEPAR had dispatched a group of 13 (profiled in the October issue of Dome) to help with Katrina relief at a clinic near New Orleans. A second group of 19 doctors and nurses (pictured) from four JHM entities flew down to relieve them on Sept. 17. Their trip, fraught with false starts, ended abruptly because of Hurricane Rita and the need to turn clinics over to the Public Health Service. Still, during their two-day stint, they saw 300 patients. “Our team worked so well together,” said team leader Shawn Brast, JHH critical care transport nurse. “It was the best leadership experience I’ve ever had.”

Judy Minkove



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