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Orleans Garage

I had the “pleasure” of parking in the Orleans Garage which opened today [Oct. 14]. Perhaps the belief that employees do not get enough daily exercise (“Walk This Way,” July/August) has led to opening the garage in its current form.

How else do you explain the need to walk up four flights of stairs on the garage side and then down four flights of unfinished stairs on the hospital side, before crossing the basement of the Weinberg Garage (after another flight of stairs) and taking an elevator before finally arriving in the hospital? I understand the need to open buildings in a timely fashion, but I am sure that most employees who must hike this distance would have rather waited until the Orleans Garage is completely ready.

Ranjiv Mathews
associate professor, pediatric urology

Every September Hopkins celebrates “Employee Appreciation Week.” Having employees park in a garage which was not fully operational does not show them they are appreciated.

Yvonne L. Greene
administrative secretary, radiation oncology and molecular radiation sciences

Facilities Responds

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience experienced by many who parked in the Orleans Garage before the elevators were fully functional. We had to move employees out of the McElderry Garage when we did because patients had already begun to park there. Fortunately, we were able to identify employees with disabilities and documented medical conditions, and they have all been assigned to other garages. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate everyone’s forbearance during this important, first phase of our campus redevelopment.

Sally MacConnell
vice president, facilities


While your story (“Acupuncture, Actually,” October) suggested that acupuncture is new to Johns Hopkins, Dome readers might be interested to know that I have been providing acupuncture treatments at Wyman Park since 2001. My patients seek these treatments for arthritis pain, headache, irregular menstrual cycle, hot flashes, infertility issues and other medical conditions.

Ta-Ya Lee
nurse practitioner, JHCP Wyman Park



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