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Growing Nurses

Scott Olden with Ashless Yancey, left, and Tiffany Thomas, nurses of the future.

Bayview is training 12th graders at Sollers Point Technical High School to be licensed patient care techs.

The Sollers Point Initiative bridges two programs now in place at Bayview. Already, 10th and 11th graders come to Bayview from the nearby Dundalk school to train to be certified nursing assistants. The new program moves these would-be nurses one rung up the career ladder.

Tiffany Thomas and Ashless Yancey are the inaugural students in this, the first such program of its kind in Maryland. Under the supervision of R.N. mentors, they began honing their clinical skills on the units in July. After they become certified patient care techs and graduate from high school, they will join the Bayview workforce—and its tuition-support program for nursing, which will allow them to put in 24 hours a week at Bayview, even as they receive full-time salary and benefits and attend an accredited two-year nursing school. In return, they’ll sign a legally binding agreement that obligates them to work at Bayview as R.N.’s for two to three years.



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